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~~~Photo- courtesy of FameFlyNet~~~

Justin Theroux seemed like a happy camper as he walked down the West Village of New York City, NY. This was shortly after having lunch. Then he checked his phone, hailed for a cab which left him abandoned as it drove right past him. Nonetheless, the “Inland Empire” actor seemed real happy as he was all smiles, despite the latest gossip which is that Justin & Jen have broken up because he was caught cheating with his ex-girlfriend. Jennifer Aniston had asked him numerous times to cut contact with his ex- Heidi Bivens.

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It seems like he’s having a hard time letting go of his ex which he was with for 14 years.  Sources close to Jennifer Aniston say  she doesn’t care anymore, she says “she doesn’t have to be married to be a mom.” So, why is Justin Theroux all smiles? Are these just “blasphemous orange juiceors?” Or is he happy to be free to see Heidi when ever he wishes?

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