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Talk Celeb

American Horror Story is an FX Series that last October took the Network and all those who started watching the series by storm. It was a series like nothing we’ve seen in a very long time and though a broken family- The Harmon Family, who had the misfortune to buy the valuable mansion for much less than it’s value ended up paying more than they ever bargained for with their sanity and ultimately with their lives.

When the series finished just last year- which was very depressing, Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) was the last to perish in this home as she was giving birth to her twins, that, mind you were being delivered by the lunatic and original owner of the home, which was dead and nurses that were murdered decades later in the same house by some man that hated nurses.

The house would not allow the family to leave and so now they remain there with the other dead people in the house. However, at the ending of the season, Ben Harmon was still a survivor (Dylan McDermott,) even after the death of his seventeen year old daughter, Violet played by (Taissa Farmiga), his wife and one still born baby. The one that lived was not even his child as they previously found out that the twins were fathered by two different men. A weird occurrence, but one that could happen.

We learned that the man in the rubber suit was Tate played by (Evan Peters) who d Vivian Harmon and in that act conceived a half breed child. Half human-half spirit. Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange) took care of the child quickly as she learned of these occurrences and the fact that that was her grandchild.

So what will happen to Ben Harmon, since they are clearly saying that most of the cast will be new and that there would no longer be a Harmon Family? Which is actually really sad, because I really liked them loads. I sure hope Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy will pick another cast that will blow our minds through the roof. I wonder what else will this house will have store for us? Will Vivien and Violet be around at all? How about Tate and the rest of the dead in this house…?

What are your thoughts? Drop your comments and opinions on what you think will happen on the next season of American Horror Story without the Harmon Family.

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