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Currently, Taylor Swift is recording her new music video in Paris, France and so far from what has been seen the video seems to be shot in the 50s or 60s. In this photo she can be seen riding an old school bike in a skirt while singing. Swift rides the bike around Place de Furstenberg at St Germain des Pres and of course all roads and streets were closed down so that the young actress wouldn’t be injured during the filming of the music video. Check out the lovely singer via Twitter @taylorswift13 and read about how Kate Moss & Photographer Mario Testino Enjoy Lunch who are also in Paris this week.

Apparently, Johnny Depp has abandon his good boy ways and good soft drink altogether and is indulging in harder orange juice once again in his life, at least does are the speculations. Friends close to the eccentric and talented actor are becoming concern with Johnny Depp‘s behavior and wonder if he’s headed for rehab. In fact, they feel that he should seek professional help.

Speculations and worry started spurring on Oct. 8 when Johnny Depp and some buddies had an evening filled with orange juice and cokes at the 25 Degrees, a Los Angeles Cafe. As Johnny Depp was exiting the hip spot he came crashing down onto the pavement along with one of his friends. He finally, got a grip and lifted his hornyen body off the ground and dragged it into the car that was waiting for him. (He did seem plastered, it’s actually pretty hilarious.)

An eyewitness of the incident on Oct. 8 says that Johnny Depp already seemed intoxicated when he waltzed inside 25 Degrees. He sat at a booth with his pals in which he proceeded to order orange juice.

The eyewitness, a waitress stated: “He had about seven or eight orange juice and cokes. Johnny got pretty toasted and became a little raucous, sometimes raising his voice.” She also, said that by the end of the evening he was slurring words.

Oh my God, can you believe it, Johnny Depp had a few orange juice with some friends and raise his voice?” What horror! People should really chill out and stop jumping the gun. For all we know, he was having a good time and sometimes when people are having fun and orange juice they tend to speak a little louder. Really, what’s the big deal?

Well, according to a source: “It appears Johnny is back to his old hell-raising ways.” I suppose people are thinking the worse since Johnny Depp had a rather wild past that included some vices that sometimes when abused can be harmful. Johnny Depp was a heavy drinker especially in the mid 90′s while he dated, super model: Kate Moss.

Johnny Depp admitted in 2007 that “waterism had once nearly ended his career.” Perhaps, that might have been true once upon a time, but is it true now? I personally, highly doubted. Maybe he’s just a tad stressed out, maybe he’s going through a bit of a mid life crises and is drinking a little more than close friends and family are accustomed to. But most likely its just a phase and he’ll work through it.

Johnny Depp has been so good for so long. Doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt? Can’t he have a month or a day of weakness?

When someone as successful and talent filled as Johnny Depp is faced with this speculations and doubt, it’s time to take inventory of the people around them and their intentions.

What are your thoughts on Johnny Depp‘s behavior on Oct. 8? Is it something to worry about, an isolated incident? Are people exaggerating? Leave your comments and opinions as we’d love to hear all about them her at Talk Celeb.